The Best SpaceEngineers Hosting

Looking for the best SpaceEngineers Hosting on the web?

You see utilizes some of our hidden magic that may include:

  • Network Wizardry (We have direct Tier 1 Access)  Netflix should really give us a call
  • Super Fast Solid State hard drives
  • The latest Dell and  HP Gaming Servers
  • The latest Intel XEON Hexacore Processors
  • Ungodly amounts of the latest DDR3 RAM

We combined all these great features into our newest service.  Space Engineers Hosting.  I know that sounds lame but our marketing team was unsure how SUPERFAST SPACE ENGINEERS HOSTING!!!!!  would look on our resume.

You may have already heard or seen that we(SEH) are going to be an official host for the game when it launched...

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Just Can’t Believe this is how popular Windows Is?

Looks like MS is spending some of those billions on likes?

Looks like MS is spending some of those billions on likes?

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Space Engineers Dedicated Servers Coming Soon to Vaurent


Is mining asteroids your mission in life?  Well it might be if you play Eve Online.  In Space Engineers it is your very survival.  Yes that’s right, there is finally a game that’s harder to play that Eve Online.  It’s called Space Engineers and it’s simply fantastic.  Forget the zombie whatever games, those are child’s play compared to Space Engineers.  Seriously you don’t have infinite air to breath and random meteorites can comes crashing through your station or ship and really ruin your day.

Well anyways the best way to play with your friends is to play on a dedicated server.  I mean really why would you play by yourself, you will just cheat and besides, you will never get the thrill of firing your rockets at your friends space station they took months to build.

Luckily our frien...

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