Start Your Own Ultima Online Shard (Guest Post)


So you want to start your own Ultima Online shard?  It seems UO has been on a big comeback.  Player shards are popping up all over the place.  Now with the right tools you can be logging into your own shard in minutes.

So let’s get started.  First you are going to need a Windows based dedicated server or virtual private server.  Runuo doesn’t take many resources to run so we would recommend our essential cloud server with Server 2008R2 Web edition to help keep your costs down.

Note: Yes we know runuo server can be install via mono on a linux box.  We just haven’t seen a lot of great experiences with hosting uo shards via mono.

1. Download and Install Runuo Server, .Net 4.0 Framework, and UO Classic Client

Note: These are the latest builds as of this article.

Download ...

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Learn how to become a hard target online and evade the NSA and other eavesdroppers.

When surfing or  communicating on the web these days you  can be sure you are being tracked and everything you do is being recorded.  From the NSA to Apple and Adobe and Googlers too.

The only difference is different companies / governments collect different kinds of data.  The meta data the NSA collects on your online communications is a lot different than Adobe collects via flash.  In fact with Google’s help and a few other tools I am tracking you right now reading my blog.  Everyone has their reasons whether they are good or bad is another subject.

I am going to arm with your very own Gillie suit (the thing that makes snipers almost invisible) for the web.

Assumptions: There  are some very simple things you can do to disappear online...

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From The Desk of

Business Leaders and IT Professionals I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine.

Stop attempting to know everything.  You don’t.  This may offend many of my IT Professional colleagues out there.  I am only telling you this, because if our roles were reversed I would always prefer the unbiased opinion.

So let’s get started.  Not to boast here, but my company Vaurenthosts quite a few websites, e commerce, blogs, forums, video games and email. You name it, we host it.

In fact we are so good at hosting, our clients websites load faster than 95% of sites on the web.  That is without any CDN or Cloudflare accelerating that number.(Not to say our services tied with a CDN or Cloudflare wouldn’t be even faster....

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