Space Engineers Dedicated Servers Coming Soon to Vaurent


Is mining asteroids your mission in life?  Well it might be if you play Eve Online.  In Space Engineers it is your very survival.  Yes that’s right, there is finally a game that’s harder to play that Eve Online.  It’s called Space Engineers and it’s simply fantastic.  Forget the zombie whatever games, those are child’s play compared to Space Engineers.  Seriously you don’t have infinite air to breath and random meteorites can comes crashing through your station or ship and really ruin your day.

Well anyways the best way to play with your friends is to play on a dedicated server.  I mean really why would you play by yourself, you will just cheat and besides, you will never get the thrill of firing your rockets at your friends space station they took months to build.

Luckily our frien...

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Tech News: Vaurent Is Now A Cloudflare Certified Partner

Vaurent Certified Cloudflare Partner

From Vaurent:

We are happy to announce that we are now a fully certified CloudFlare Partner.  By partnering with CloudFlare we are able to make sure that your hosting can easily integrate inside CloudFlare’s network.  Combining our already accelerated hosting platform with such a CDN you can hope to see half second load times for most sites. Even if you are happy with our current performance, you may be interested in advanced analytics, extra security measures, and other benefits CloudFlare can combine.  You can read more about CloudFlare here.

To make this even simpler, we will be offering a CloudFlare integration setup package.  This way you can get all of the benefits mentioned above without having to lift a finger...

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Tech News: Vaurent Adds New Features to Hosting Services

From Vaurent:

Recently we have been receiving a lot of feedback from users regarding Operating Systems.  We typically like to stay with Centos where we can, for reliability, performance, security, and cost.

However we have recognized the need to add other OSs in the mix.  Here is a simple breakdown.

We will now offer Microsoft Windows Server Versions:

  • Server 2008R2 Web
  • Server 2008R2 Standard
  • Server 2012 Standard
  • Server 2012 Datacenter

Windows has been slowly creeping onto our servers.

To help keep base costs down we will be charging extra for cPanel.  Based on user responses, we would rather provide a lower entry cost into our servers and vps boxes.  This means taking out cPanel by default...

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